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HyTensil Review;


"I recently took part in the 4,500 mile expedition from Nottingham to Banjul in The Gambia.

 This necessitated travel across Europe, Morocco, Mauritania, across The Sahara, Senegal and finally into The Gambia itself. This was the original, “Banger Rally” with the car and contents being auctioned off for a children’s charity at destination. 

My crew member and I conducted this expedition in an “04” plate Hyundai Getz and travelled with 19 other assorted vehicles ranging from a Fire Appliance to a Citroen Matiz.

We ended up travelling most of the way with a crew called, “Desert Divas” with us being, “Crew Dianas boys”, 4 in total, 2 girls and 2 boys.

Each one of the 4 of us had a HyTensil implement and with us free camping most of the way we knew they would be heavily utilised!

I was not wrong, throughout our expedition across the High Atlas, rolling deserts and the Sahel we used them every day for both breakfasts and evening meals. Neatly packed away in their holders they became a valuable asset daily. Easy to clean and robust to survive the sometimes extremely heavy usage.

They were even sort after by border officials and police/security throughout our North Western African travels. We eventually had to find ingenious ways to hide the tools in order the corrupt officials didn’t simply help themselves to them!

I participate in numerous adventure travels and can safely state that I would now, never travel without this tool."


Graham D

Crew Diana’s Boys

HyTensil Review;


"Fab Hytensil set. So easy to use and the knife cuts a treat."



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